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Aug 15th 2017
Enough is Enough

What is going on in the repossession industry? For years we have been pushed around, dictated to, coerced by false information, and downright bullied. But Enough is Enough!

The Council of Repossession Professionals (CORP) can no longer stand back and discuss the issues. We have to get out front and disseminate all the information we can to you, the hardworking, professional recovery agents and owners, with a belief that you can make informed decisions. (read more...)

May 1st 2016
CORP letter to RDN

The following was a letter sent to Recovery Database Network (RDN) by the Council of Repossession Professionals (CORP):

"The Council of Repossession Professionals” consists of every national and state repossession association, and represents thousands of repossessors and repossession agencies across the United States.

We in the repossession industry congratulate you on your expanded role in overseeing RDN. As you know, this database is used by thousands and thousands of us in the industry as the primary means of interacting with our clients, and managing our day-to-day businesses. RDN has been a powerful tool for the industry, and for that we are thankful. (read more...)

March 16th 2015

Voluntary Repossession - Industry Standard

The Council of Repossession Professionals established in 2013, has set forth the definition of a "Voluntary Repossessions" as the Industry Standard.

What Is A Voluntary Repossession? A voluntary repossession only occurs when: (read more...)

November 14th 2014

Position Statement on Contingency

The Council of Repossession Professionals (CORP) was organized in 2013 and represents approximately 1000 repossession companies nationwide through nine participating professional industry organizations. The CORP’s mission statement expresses resolve for a united voice of fairness and cooperation in all issues of common concern. (read more...)

March 7th 2014

The Council of Repossession Professionals Press Release

Repossessors across America have communicated that they desired industry leaders to stand together and speak as one voice on issues that have a negative impact on our industry. The solution is at hand in the form of the recently constituted Council of Repossession Professionals (hereinafter referred to as the CORP). The CORP is made up of two (2) representatives from each of the following trade groups. (read more...)

September 16th 2013

A letter to Lenders & the Repossession Industry Press Release - "Council of Repossession Professionals"

As AFA, TFA and RSIG prepare for the first ever Joint Training conference in Las Vegas, with over 180 members and non members of the three trades registered to attend this announcement was made. In the face of great adversity, people will ultimately find a way to come together. Coming together does not necessarily mean that we will always agree, what it does mean, however, is that we will agree to collectively discuss our ideas - allowing each and everyone the opportunity to speak and be heard. (read more...)

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